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We help clients achieve powerful business results from big data.

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Our Thought Leadership Articles on Big Data

12 Things You Must Never Do in Big Data

Unless you are living under a rock as big as the Grand Canyon, chances are that by now you would have heard that something major is brewing in the technology world.

Why big data is so complex?

One of my clients discovered the complexity of big data when she was tasked to identify the use cases for big data for her firm.

What is the key concept behind big data?

Even though they can feel that something big is in the air, non-technical business leaders find technical definitions of big data

Is big data really a revolution?

There is a lot of hype about big data. Consulting firms are falling over each other to market their big data services.

Using big data to look into the Johari window?

In 1955 Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham developed a technique to help people understand their relationship with self and others.

Mass Customization of Risk Management

The traditional models of risk management are based upon determining the risk profile of a given population by understanding the statistical characteristics

Can big data help develop your instincts?

Humans approach decision-making in two ways: rationally and emotionally. In many cases we apply both rationality and emotionality

Shareholder Centric Data Management

But the data paradigm has changed. What began as a compliance centric regulatory response is now becoming a revolutionary technique to create shareholder value.

Big Data Means Your Company's End.... Unless.... (Part 2)

A comprehensive and intelligently developed big data strategy will thwart the risks of being wiped out. Recall Blockbuster, a company that moved too slow to embrace

Big Data Means Your Company's End.... Unless.... (Part 1)

Big Data can literally annihilate your company — and this is not an opinion. Recall how fast emerging technologies made unprogressive companies extinct.

Is 3-V Approach sufficient to understand big data?

Search for any article that explains big data and you will find 3 V’s embedded somewhere in the article. The 3 V’s Volume, Velocity

Dodd-Frank Act 2010

With the congressional approval of Dodd-Frank Act of 2010, Data Management departments now have both the responsibility and the opportunity to become one of the most strategically important organizations in public companies.

5 Greatest Pitfalls of Data Management Programs

Nine out of ten data management executives interviewed by us revealed that the full value of their programs is not well understood in their companies.

Winning the Data Governance War

Ask anyone deeply entrenched in implementing a Data Management program and they will tell you that Data Governance is a warzone.

Have your big data programs turned into a Bigfoot quest?

In your rush to ride the wave of big data, have you turned your big data programs into what resembles the search for Bigfoot: elusive, hyped, and folklore?

Coverage in the Fuzzy Area

If FDA is responsible for making sure that a racehorse is indeed a horse, CMS has the responsibility to determine if it is worthy of running in the race and how much to bet on it. FDA approves drugs (devices, diagnostics, etc.) for safety and efficacy while CMS determines the Medicare coverage for these innovations.

Alex Kleinman of Bioscan on State of the Industry: Molecular Imaging

Bioscan is a leading provider of preclinical, nano-tomographic molecular imaging solutions that enable groundbreaking life sciences research. Preclinical imaging uses molecule biomarkers in animals to conduct in-vivo studies that generate more relevant, consistent biological data while reducing research cost and complexity.

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