About Plan Clear

Plan Clear AI is a hybrid service and technology artificial intelligence firm made up of artificial intelligence and finance experts with a remarkable breadth of experience. We work with finance firms to modernize them, both with our own products and services, as well as of our partners.


Plan Clear is led by Professor Al Naqvi, pioneer researcher and scientist in enterprise artificial intelligence and fintech.

Professor Naqvi teaches at American Institute of Artificial Intelligence.
Dr. Raza Hashim is the artificial intelligence solutions leader.


To better understand how we create value and get results for our clients, start reading our book From Asset Management to Asset Science.
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Plan Clear takes a strategy-first and value-centric approach to enterprise fintech. It is significantly different from use-case centric traditional approaches to cognitive transformation. It accomplishes success and enterprise transformation in a systematic and strategic manner.


Plan Clear platform is designed to give multi-dimensional perspective of artificial intelligence transformation. With state-of-the-art function as a service model,

responsive ontology, and serverless model, Plan Clear delivers the world’s first and most comprehensive enterprise automation platform.