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Plan Clear Artificial Intelligence is a new breed of firm that combines science, mathematics, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and finance to build artificial intelligence solutions in fintech.
While we work on a project basis for the right client, our forte is integrated enterprise partnerships which allow us to build your firm for the long-term.

Enterprise Cognitive Strategy
In an age of massive confusion and mess created by the rapid rise of artificial intelligence technologies, the starting point is a documented artificial intelligence strategy that covers the Strategy and execution plan. We call it the Plan Clear. The Plan Clear helps outline your risks, value creation, business model transformation, and execution plan.

A Unified and Integrated Strategy
We provide the strategic plan that cuts across the Value Chain and helps you develop an integrated enterprise view of the organization. This plan covers all areas of your business.

Functional Strategy
We also provide a functional strategy with by departments including for marketing, human resources, risk management, audit, supply chain, procurement, and other back office functions.

Proof of Concepts
We develop proof of concepts and bring our experience to help test solutions with various algorithms.

Service/Product Design
We help design products and services in all types of fintech technology.

We offer several courses in artificial intelligence for the leadership team.

Execution Plan
We provide a comprehensive execution plan for the artificial intelligence transformation.

Service Management